All You Need To Know About Amazon FBA Fees

20/March/15 10:23

Understanding Amazon FBA fees is crucial for the success of every seller. Read on to learn all you need to know about them.

 Are there any Amazon FBA fees and how much are they? This is an inevitable question that beginner sellers ask. It is important to know these very well because if you are going to sell on the world’s biggest e-commerce platform, you want to make sure that you will be profitable.

In this article we will dive deep in the Amazon FBA fees you will have to pay as Amazon seller. We will break them down and discuss each category in detail, so keep reading.

amazon fba fees

Types of FBA Amazon Fees

There is no one general Amazon FBA fee, they are different and each type has its own specifics. Here is a breakdown and explanation of the different types of Amazon FBA fees.

Referral Fees

This is the commission that sellers pay to Amazon for each item they sell on the platform. It is usually a flat fee often around 15%. The good news is that you don’t have to pay these fees upfront; they are taken out of your account after each sale.

Fulfillment Fees

If you choose fulfillment by Amazon you will have to pay the cost of services such as storing, packaging, customer support and shipment. This is a convenient option for sellers who are looking to expand their business and need reliable services to help them with fulfillment. Beginner sellers should pick light things as they are easier and cheaper to ship.

Monthly Amazon FBA Fee

Amazon sellers must choose between a Professional and an Individual plan depending on what works best for their needs. The Amazon monthly fee is a charge that every user pays. The choice of the plan depends on the sales volume that the seller plans to have.

Storage FBA Fees

Sellers pay the Amazon FBA Storage Fees when they don’t want clients to wait for the ordered product for too long. If you are selling popular goods that are sold out quickly, this option is very convenient. The fee depends on the size of the item and the month. This feature helps you predict how many products will be needed in the future and how many you should order.

   Amazon FBA Fees

The choice of items for sale on Amazon is very important. The fulfillment of a T-shirt costs less than a monitor that has a higher charge. If you are just beginning on Amazon a cheaper product might be a better decision, depending on the budget and the niche. Of course, being well aware of all the Amazon FBA is very important for successful sales.

amazon fba fee

Amazon FBA Fees FAQs

How much does it cost to start on Amazon?

The pricing starts from $2.41 and can reach $8-9 for more over sized products. An online calculator will tell you how much you will have to pay for the goods.

How much is the Amazon monthly fee?

The fee for the Professional plan is $39.99 while sellers who have selected the Individual plan don’t cover the monthly fees, they just pay $0.99 for each item sold.

  How to calculate the Amazon FBA Fees?

The Amazon FBA fees depend on the item, season and storage period.

  What is best to sell on Amazon?

 When looking for items to sell, it is best to consider small, lightweight products under $100. It’s a basic criterion for the choice of products, especially for beginner sellers. Other factors in this choice are demand and competition.



We hope the information in this article has helped you understand the Amazon FBA fees and prepare your budget accordingly. If you don’t do that well, there is a chance that you will lose more than you earn, in this case selling on Amazon won’t be profitable for you. So, before you start selling on Amazon make sure you are well aware of these fees and any additional costs and monthly charges and see how this all fits in your budget situation. Overall, you should check all the Amazon FBA fees and see if this is the right opportunity for you and which Amazon program works best., repost only with links