All you need to know about the Amazon Brand Registry

20/February/21 11:49

brand registry on amazon

Amazon stands out as a reliable platform to do your online business globally. The is due to the fact that makes both the customers and the sellers happy. Amazon has different sections within its online enterprise that deal with the issues that face its sellers. A common section is the Amazon Brand Registry , which we will talk about today.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

This program, created by Amazon in 2017, allows sellers and owners of registered trademarks to provide a trustworthy merchandise encounter to customers. The idea is that everything you do on Amazon will serve the purpose of protecting your brand. Moreover, develop an impeccable brand presence on Amazon. You might be asking yourself, how does brand registry Amazon protect your brand. Below is how:

#1 Helps You Identify Fraudulent Buyers

The hijacking of products and brands is a common issue in the online marketplace. On a popular platform such as Amazon, the competition is high to the extent of some sellers wanting to steal the show with a brand you have built for a long time. What Amazon does is that it allows you to get full rights to the product's buy box. In case a person attempts to maliciously acquire the product, reach out to Amazon, and you will have the buyer removed.

#2 Gives Your Over Any Listing Content

Any seller on Amazon using the typical route to sell a product, the requirements for how your content needs to be under the stipulations of Amazon. Taking the registry option allows you to control your content from images you use for our product, the details of the product, titles to use for the product, and product IDs given by Amazon. Moreover, you can freely sort out any issues you committed when listing your products.

#3 Unlimited Access To Sell

Not everyone can join Amazon's Brand Registry, but only those who are eligible such manufacturers of their products. If you are a permitted distributor of a particular brand. Moreover, if you develop branded products with a white label. Furthermore, if you are eligible if you own a private label, then you may be able to fit into these categories. In any case, try to look for a loophole to sell your product. Nevertheless, some categories will never make you eligible to sell on Amazon, namely media, DVDs, Books, Videos, and BMVDs, as well as sports and entertainment tools.

As you may see, Amazon brand registry benefits are limitless. The common question is, how does anyone join? The answers to your question are as below.

Application to Amazon Brand Registry

The application process into Amazon's brand registry is quite simple. The steps are as follows:

  1. Check whether you are eligible. You need to meet the qualities of a seller above. More specifically, you need to have a mark, either an image or a text that identifies your brand. The mark needs to be registered as your special trademark.
  2. Register or login to your Amazon account. You can register if you are new and login with your Amazon Central details if you are already a seller. You will then have access to the benefits of Brand Registry.
  3. Register your brand. Here you provide the name of the brand with its trademark. Also, you need to give your government-issued trademark number. Moreover, issue the categories of products you wish to list. Lastly, issue the names of countries of manufacture and distribution.

Now that you have an idea of Amazon brand registry application process, it is time to understand the terms you may come across on the platform below:

  • Amazon Project Zero. Here the reputation of Amazon merges with that of your brand to push all attempts of counterfeits to zero.
  • Transparency on Amazon. Here items are authenticated to allow consumers not to purchase counterfeited products.


Amazon brand registry cost ranges between $250 to $400. This cost is dependent on how much you wish to spend on the protection of your brand.

Final Thoughts

Amazon has your back always. Brand registry on Amazon program is all you need to keep illegitimate competition in line. Have a trademark either by name or by image. Register the trademark, join Amazon's brand registry, and protect your business., repost only with links