How to Sell Books on Amazon - An Ultimate Guide

20/March/3 07:41

It's not a well-known fact that at the very beginning Amazon launched its sales with one, specific type of product. Their principal items on the market were books - used and new ones. Nowadays, books are still among the most desired items on Amazon together with electronics, fashion and home decor. In the twenty-first century, times of digital, dominated with images, is it really still worth selling books on Amazon and is there any demand for it? Let’s see what’s the situation in the marketplace.

2 Reasons to Start Selling Books on Amazon

Independently on the bookselling method, there are a few significant reasons and methods to sell books on Amazon. Various sellers do it in their own way, and you will come across diverse, strong competitors, but it's worth doing your best because this marketplace is made for it! Let's see the most important reasons for Amazon sell books.

selling used books on amazon

It’s easy!

Believe it or not, to sell books on Amazon is not really a big deal! Some numbers about third parties selling on Amazon are worth mentioning. In 2017 Amazon book sale numbered 53.38 million. That's an impressive sum! But it also means that it can't be so hard.

The best place for efficient book sale is Amazon

Amazon finds out which products sell best and assigns them to BSR (Best-Seller Rankings). This kind of research is helpful for their statistics. The lower the number the higher it's located in the ranking. Number one in the ranking is number one on the market, in other words, this product sells multiple copies daily. For booksellers, the information deriving from a capacious BSR is simple - if you can find a huge amount of a specific category of products, it means that plenty of sellers use this marketplace!

3 Ways to Sell Books on Amazon

Amazon sellers are naturally equipped with three ways to sell their products. You may be wondering how to sell used books on Amazon, as well as the new ones. Let's see what professionals say about it.  

Fulfilled-by-merchant (FBM)

This one goes like this - as soon as you've created your Amazon listing, and someone chose it, you are ready to proceed with customer care. It means that you by yourself pack and ship your book that they had previously bought. It's convenient if you are already managing a strong group of clients, and you've got the whole system created to do it smartly. 

Amazon Vendors (AMZ)

How to sell books on Amazon? Method number two is called Amazon Vendors, and it applies to who sells their set of items straight to Amazon with the use of their vendor central services. It's a great option for enterprise merchants who need to discharge a plentitude of products in a short time. 

Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA)

Another way to sell books on Amazon has to do with the well-known Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA). After you've created your book listing, it's all in Amazon's hands. It's currently one of the favourite Amazon's merchants' options. What does the Amazon team actually do? They store, pack and ship your merchandise, and they do it gratis!

amazon sell back books


Sometimes it's all about sharing your reading passion, sometimes it's a way to earn some additional bucks, and other times it's a case of uncluttering a bookshelf. The answer is always the same - sell books on Amazon. It's not only easy. Amazon is the best possible place to do it online. 


What is the cost to sell books on Amazon?

Amazon's service costs depend on the chosen option, and it can vary. The general closing fee on media products (like books) is $1.80. For individual merchants, it's $0.99 per item or $39.99 monthly for professionals. 

Can you sell books back to Amazon?

Surprisingly, Amazon also became a buyer of items from third-party sellers. Through their textbooks trade-in option, you can find which one they wish to buy from you, but you can also sell other books using ISBN numbers. Now it’s not a problem not only to sell books on Amazon, but also to sell books to Amazon., repost only with links